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So What are 0871 Numbers?

An 0871 number is a revenue generating phone number for the person who own the number.  If you own and advertise an 0871 number you will generally earn 4.5p per minute for every minute that someone is on the phone to you.  0871 numbers are a very good revenue generators if you receive lots of calls but they can also act as a deterent for people calling you as the cost to call 0871 numbers can be 10p per minute.

If you are interested in purchasing 0871 numbers the please click on our £10 numbers for very cheap numbers, silver numbers for more memorable numbers and gold numbers for our best quality numbers.

Why use 0871 Numbers?

  • 0871 numbers are the natural replacement for 0870 numbers (if you do not know already 0870 numbers will change in the summer of 2008 and will no longer generate you an income - in fact you will be charged for the receipt of the call).
  • Call Queuing can be placed on our 0871 numbers so that you never miss another call - messages can be played while the customer is on hold and a message stating where they are in the queue is available.
  • You can use 0871 numbers as your fax number and we can send the faxes you receive directly to your email - reducing the paper you use in your office.
  • 0871 numbers can be pointed to international destinations so if you want an 0871 number pointed to your office in Spain it can be done.
  • Reduce the number of cold callers you get - people sometimes dislike calling 0871 numbers due to the 10p per minute cost.  This could be an issue for you if you are looking to encourage callers and you may want to consider 0800 numbers0845 numbers or 0844 numbers as an alternative.

Important Information Regarding 0871 Numbers

0871 numbers will be regulated by Icstis (now known as phonepayplus).  We believe that it would be wise when advertising an 0871 number that you apply the following text to anywhere where the number appears "Calls to this number cost 10p from most landlines, other networks and mobile may vary".  This will ensure that when the regulations come into effect you are already one step ahead of the game.

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